Our Services


Whether you are in the beginning stages of your event, or ready to sign contracts, Sparkling or STILL offers 10+ years of concierge style service in making the process seamless and most importantly enjoyable. 


Making an Idea an Event

Anyone can build their dream Pinterest board by clicking and "liking", but not everyone knows where and how to start. Sparkling or STILL offers an in person consult to achieve 3 things.
1. Get to know YOU! 
2. Discover your wants and needs
3. The most affordable way to make your dream a reality.
Sparkling or STILL's consult process is designed to help you understand the cost and process behind making your event possible. The founder, Scotty Kennedy, will sit with you, one on one, and create a book of business of potential vendors, venues, and pricing. Each in person consult is followed by a complimentary phone call at your need to help in any roadblock that may occur.


Planning Without the Stress

Sparkling or STILL's planning process is unlike many others in the industry, in the respect that Sparkling or STILL prides itself in offering concierge service without the markup! Scotty will utilize his number of years of experience and relationships he has established throughout the San Francisco Bay area to find you the best pricing, including but not limited to, rentals, lighting, flowers, and even Michelin rated staff. He believes that you should pay the price items are worth! He knows his worth and his concierge style of true service is what costs you, not a certain % markup on "stuff".


Be a Guest at Your Event

Sparkling or STILL wants you to truly enjoy all the time and effort you spent on creating your event. Let Scotty and his team of professionals handle all aspects for the "day of" the event. This portion of Sparkling or STILL's services is their bread and butter! From vendor coordination, timeline production, to greeting guests by name, they have mastered the art of hosting an event. Sparkling or STILL practices the art of "anticipate, don't participate".